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I do not have or own any of the equipment listed on this site.
Therefore, please do not email me to ask if an item is for sale as I do not have or own any of these items.
Also - I do not have any spare parts, and therefore can not supply spare parts.
Finally, I don't have any manuals. Service manuals (and sometimes user manuals) can be downloaded at the HiFi Engine Website

Thank you.

09/2022 - UPDATE: There are some manuals and catalogues now available for download on the downloads page

A huge thank you to all those who have donated to Vintage Technics.

Original site history.

Vintage Technics started out as in early 2000 by Mark Kouts.

Most of the content you find here was compiled from back issues of the yearly Audio magazine buyers guide.

This data was then tabulated and painstakingly entered manually by Mark, along with scans of various images.

Some time around 2006 / 2007, the site suddenly went offline.

Current site.

As I had always been a fan of the site, and had made use of it myself over the years, I decided to find an offline copy, and then bring it back as*

*As of December 2016, I registered and this is now the primary domain name, however still works.

I left the site in it's original form for several years, only cleaning up the HTML and incorporating CSS to make it easier to enhance the site style slightly.

However, recently I decided to perform a complete re-write of the site, and I have also now incorporated all the data into a database, to make it easier to manage.

The site layout is now also fully responsive, and should work well with most mobile devices.

All hosting costs are covered by me personally, and I extend my thanks to those that have donated.

I am trying to keep the site free from advertising, to improve site security and keep the site clean looking.

Your donations can continue to keep the site advert free. is not affiliated with any other Technics website or organisation.

If you have any comment about this site please email me: 

If you find the Vintage Technics site useful, please consider making a donation.

Your support is appreciated, thank you.

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