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ModelYear(s)4-Channel Acoustic Field Dimension Position Adjustment4-Channel Acoustic Field Dimension Input Sensitivity and Impedance4-Channel Acoustic Field Dimension Max. Input VoltageWaveform Input Sensitivity and ImpedanceWaveform Max. Input VoltageMSRP, US$
SH-3433 75-76 +10mm 15mV/cm, 25 kOhms (low) 200mV/cm, 47kOhms (high) 2V (low) 35V (high) 15mV/cm, 100 kOhms (low) 200mV/cm, 47 kOhms (high) 2V (low) 35V (high)

Home / 4 Channel Audio Demodulator

ModelYear(s)Frequency Response, Hz-kHzInput Sensitivity and ImpedanceOutput LevelOutput ImpedanceS/N RatioChannel SeparationMSRP, US$
SH-400 75-76 20-16 3mV/2.2 kOhms (semi-conductor) 2mV/100 kOhms (magnetic) 200mV 300 Ohms 60 dB 30dB Front-Rear 55 dB Left-Right

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ModelYear(s)Clock AccuracyTimer AccuracySleep TimerSetting IntervalsMSRP, US$
SH-4020 84 120.00
SH-9038 78-80 600.00

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Home / Microphone/Synthesizer Mixing Amplifier

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Home / Meter Units

ModelYear(s)Frequency Response Hz to kHz, +1.5 dBAttack TimeMeter RangeWeight, lbs.MSRP, US$
SH-9020 78-80 10-20 330 msec. (average) +10 dB ~ -50 dB 11.

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ModelYear(s)QuantizationDecodingFrequency Response, Hz to kHz, +0.5 dBHarmonic Distortion, 1kHz, 0dBDynamic Range, dBMSRP, US$
SV-100 84 14-bit linear 14-bit linear 2-20 <0.01% >86dB
SV-110 84 14-bit linear 14-bit linear 2-20 <0.01% >86dB

Home / Digital VHS Audio Recorder

ModelYear(s)QuantizationSignal FormatRecording TimeFrequency Response, Hz to kHz, +0.5 dBHarmonic Distortion, 1kHz, 0dBDynamic Range, dBMSRP, US$
SV-P100 84 14-bit linear NTSC +2 hours 2-20 <0.01% >86dB

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