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Technics SL-PC705
Technics SL-PC705
Model Year(s) Number of discs Frequency Response Hz to Hz +dB Dynamic Range -dB S/N Ratio -dB Channel Separation dB at 1 kHz Harmonic Distortion % at 1 kHz Line Direct Level V; Fixed=F Loading Magazine=A Tray=B Carousel=C Decoding System Number of Bits - Oversamplng Rate Elapsed Time Display: From Start=D From Track Start =T Both=B Remaining Time Display: To Disc End=D To Track End =T Both=B Number of Programmable Selections Repeat Functions: Entire Disc=D Track=T A-B Phrase=P Entire Program=E Random=R Net Weight lbs. MSRP US$
SL-PC705 91 5 2-20 +1 100 0.009 F B 1-4X B 32 D, T, E 10.4 240.00