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Technics SU-A80
Technics SU-A80
Frequency Response, Hz to kHz0.5-200 +0 -3dB
Maximum Output, V8
THD, %0.002
IHF IM Distortion, %n/a
Number of Tape Loops3
MM Phono Sensitivity, mV, for 0.5V Output at 1kHz0.63mV (2.5mV IHF '66) (mm) 25uV (100uV IHF '66) (mc)
MM Phono Overload, mV150mV (160mV 1kHz)
MM Phono S/N, dB, "A" wtd. re: 5 mV per IHF A-20280dB (90dB IHF '66) (mm) 77dB (75dB IHF '66) (mc)
High Level Sensitivity, mV150mV
Phono Input Impedance, Ohms47k (mm) 220ohms (mc)
Moving Coil InputYES
Weight, lbs.
MSRP, US$440.00